The overall product is excellent. The quality, usability, and documentation are in the top rank of developer tools I have used.

— Mitch Stuart, FullSpan Software

JFormDesigner is very polished and has an ease-of-use the other GUI IDE tools only can dream of.

— Mikael Grev, MiG InfoCom AB

We are really, really happy with JFormDesigner. It is by far the best java GUI tool I've used, and I've tested a lot. The major selling point for us is the ability to load the .jfd file at runtime instead of generating source code. Because of that we can streamline our GUI creation workflow, from designer to developer, to translator, back to developer, etc...

— Michael Toula, Dalim Software GmbH

JFormDesigner has really been wonderful to use. I have extensive server-side Java experience, but the product that I am working on now is my first Swing application. I had planned to spend weeks, months even, hassling with layout manager code. Instead, I found JFormDesigner and was able to build my user interface in a matter of days! I am certain that JFormDesigner enabled me to build a better-looking product than if I had written the GUI code myself.

— Michael Alyn Miller

This is really the best GUI Designer I've ever used.

Unfortunately many users that have critique to UI Designers, haven't even gave this tool a fair chance (and mostly base their statements on some bad experience with some old GUI builders).

This one is so handy and productive that it's more efficient than the one from NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA too.

— Demetrios Kyriakis (source)

InfoWorld Article: 12 Eclipse plug-ins every developer should use

For those who build desktop applications in Swing, there's nothing like JFormDesigner, a tool for drawing that user interface. You sketch the boxes and presto -- the Java commands for creating the UI appear like magic.

— InfoWorld (source)