Change Log of JFormDesigner 8

See also: What's New in JFormDesigner 8


  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in: Fixed exception when switching to "Windows" look and feel in designer (IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2+).


  • Fixed too large display of JPopupMenu, JMenuBar, JMenu and JToolBar in design view if they are top-level. (regression in 8.0.3)


  • NetBeans form converter: Fixed "Free Design" forms shown too small in JFormDesigner after converting from NetBeans.
  • NetBeans form converter: Fixed JDOMException: Exception outputting Document when converting NetBeans forms (all editions except IntelliJ IDEA plug-in).
  • NetBeans plug-in: Fixed ClassNotFoundException: when converting forms.


  • Eclipse plug-in on macOS: Fixed occasional dead-lock when loading or saving forms that use TitledBorder.
  • Stand-alone edition on Windows: Fixed The procedure entry point JVM_DoPrivleged could not be located in "...\zulu-11\bin\java.dll" dialog at startup if Zulu OpenJDK 11 is installed.
  • Stand-alone edition on Windows: Removed JFormDesigner32.exe.


  • NetBeans plug-in: Fixed context sensitive help.
  • Properties view: maximumSize and preferredSize properties made modifiable for components of type java.awt.Window (and subclasses).
  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in: Support for IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3.
  • Java Code Generator: Use Java system property to replace ${user} in Java code templates. Previously the name from license key was used.
  • Support new license key format.


New Features and Improvements

  • FlatLaf Look and Feel (
    • Stand-alone: Use FlatLaf as application L&F and in Design view.
    • Eclipse plug-in: Use FlatLaf Light for light Eclipse themes, or FlatLaf Dark if Eclipse uses a dark theme. Support FlatLaf in Design view.
    • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in: Support FlatLaf in Design view.
    • NetBeans plug-in: Support FlatLaf in Design view if NetBeans application look and feel is FlatLaf (Tools > Options > Appearance > Look and Feel).
  • Stand-alone edition and the Eclipse plug-in now also support dark mode.
  • Properties view:
    • Modified properties are now highlighted using a green background.
    • If Group by Defining Type or Alphabetical is selected, then read-only properties are now organized in a Read-only Properties category.
    • Pressing F3 key shows editor dialog for selected row.
    • Color properties now use hex format (e.g. #f2f2f2).
  • Improved window title bars for JFrame and JDialog in design view:
    • support dark window title bars on macOS and Linux
    • use Windows 11 style on Windows
    • replaced image based window borders with vector graphics
  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in on Windows: Use IntelliJ custom window decorations in JFormDesigner dialogs (shows dark window title bar in dark themes).
  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in: Use IntelliJ file chooser for JFormDesigner settings import/export and license key selection.
  • Java Code Generator: Newly created Java files now include formatter off/on tags (@formatter:off and @formatter:on), which can be used by Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA formatters to exclude generated code from formatting.
  • Replaced bitmap icons with SVG icons.
  • Java 19 support.

Bugs fixed

  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in: Fixed incomplete search results for JFormDesigner options in Settings dialog (IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 and later).

Other Changes

  • System Requirements: Require Java 11 or later to run JFormDesigner.
  • System Requirements: Dropped support for Eclipse 4.5 - 2019-12 (4.14), IntelliJ IDEA 2016.x - 2019.3 and NetBeans 8.0 - 12.2.
  • Updated JREs in StandAlone editions to OpenJDK Java 17.0.3+7 (64 bit).
  • macOS StandAlone edition is now a universal macOS binary (includes Apple Silicon and Intel JREs).
  • Dropped JDeveloper plug-in.
  • Updated MigLayout to 5.3.
  • Removed "Look and Feels" preferences page.
  • Removed bundled JGoodies Looks.