IDE Integrations

JFormDesigner is available as stand-alone application and as plug-ins for various IDEs. The IDE plug-ins completely integrate JFormDesigner into the IDEs.

Following IDE plug-ins are available:

Other IDEs

If there is no JFormDesigner plug-in for your favorite IDE, you can use the stand-alone edition of JFormDesigner side by side with your IDE.

IDE interworking with stand-alone edition

Care must be taken because you edit the Java source in the IDE and JFormDesigner stand-alone also modifies the Java source file when generating code for the form. As long as you follow the following rule, you will never have a problem:

Save the Java file in the IDE before saving the form in JFormDesigner stand-alone.

Your IDE will recognize that the Java file was modified outside of the IDE and will reload it. Some IDEs ask the user before reloading files, other IDEs silently reload files.

If you have not saved the Java file in the IDE, then you should prevent the IDE from reloading it. In this case save the Java file in the IDE and then use Generate Java Code in JFormDesigner stand-alone.

JFormDesigner generates Java code when you either Save the form or select Generate Java Code. JFormDesigner does not hold a copy of the Java source in memory. Every time JFormDesigner generates Java code, it first reads the Java source file, parses it, updates it and writes it back to the disk.