Properties View

Properties view

The Properties view displays and lets you edit the properties of the selected component(s). Different font styles and backgrounds help you to find often used properties and see modified values.

Properties view

Comfortable property editors

JFormDesigner provides comfortable dialog based property editors for Border, Color, ComboBoxModel, Dimension, Font, Icon, Insets, KeyStroke, ListModel, Point, Rectangle, SpinnerModel, TableModel, TreeModel and all standard data types (String, int, long, etc.).

KeyStroke editor


The Bindings category shows the bindings of the selected component and you can add, edit and remove bindings. Small arrows in front of property names (e.g. editable or text) indicate that the property is bound.

Bindings in Properties view


The Events category shows the events of the selected component and you can add, edit and remove event handlers.

Events in Properties view


Client properties support

You can use client properties. They can be defined in the Client Properties preferences and set in the Properties view.

Client Properties

Relative font specification

Derived Font editor

Derived fonts are computed based on the default font of the component (from the current look and feel). They are recommended if you just need a bold/italic or a larger/smaller font (e.g. for titles) because they are platform independent. If your application runs on several look and feels (e.g. several operating systems), derived fonts ensure that the font family stays consistent.

In the Properties view, you can quickly change the style (bold and italic) and the size of the font.

Font editor

In the custom editor you can choose one of the tabs to specify either absolute fonts, derived fonts or fonts defined in the look and feel.

Multi-selection property editing

The Properties view supports editing properties of multiple selected components.

Properties: multi-selection

Search for property names

The Properties view supports searching for property names. Select the Show Filter (Show Filter) toolbar button to show the search text field below the toolbar, where you can enter your filter criteria.

Property Search

To search for multiple property names, separate them with space, comma or semicolon characters.

Multi-value property editors

The property editors for Dimension, Insets, Point and Rectangle support editing multiple values (e.g. width and height) with labels in a single line.

Multi-text property editors

Use Tab, PageDown, Comma or Space keys to navigate to the next value. Shift+Tab or PageUp keys navigates to the previous value.

Use Up or Down keys to increment or decrement numbers.