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FormDev Software GmbH is a company specialized in creating software development tools for Java GUIs. Founded in 2006 as a privately held company, FormDev Software GmbH is located in Brunnthal (near Munich), Germany. By creating innovative high quality development tools, we help our customers to increase their productivity. Thousands of customers worldwide use our tools.

Our founder, Karl Tauber, has more than 15 years of experience in creating GUIs. Because of the lack of powerful visual GUI builders for Java/Swing, he started in 2003 the development of JFormDesigner, our innovative GUI designer for Java/Swing user interfaces.


FormDev Software GmbH
Aventinusweg 5
85649 Brunnthal
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+49 (8104) 66 82 57
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Handelsregister HRB 164093
Amtsgericht München
Managing director
Karl Tauber


October 2019

FlatLaf - Flat Look and Feel
modern open-source cross-platform Look and Feel for Java desktop applications

June 2019

JFormDesigner ​Marketplace Edition released
IntelliJ IDEA plug-in for JetBrains Marketplace

May 2019

JFormDesigner 7 released
Eclipse plug-in: Refactoring integration improved
Java 9 - 12 support
New icon/image chooser dialog

February 2017

JFormDesigner 6 released
MigLayout support
Support for HiDPI monitors
New modern icons
New modern user interface

December 2014

10 Years JFormDesigner

May 2014

JFormDesigner 5.2 released
JDeveloper plug-in
Java 8 support
GroupLayout design improved

April 2012

JFormDesigner 5.1 released
NetBeans plug-in
Java 7 support
JFDML persistence format

April 2011

JFormDesigner 5 released
Beans Binding (JSR 295)
BeanInfo Annotations
Improved Properties view
Styled text

June 2010

Started the JFormDesigner / FormDev blog

July 2008

JFormDesigner 4 released
GroupLayout (Free Design)
JGoodies Forms 1.2 support

September 2007

JFormDesigner 3.1 released
Animated transitions
JBuilder plug-in
Relative font specification
Runtime library open sourced

November 2006

JFormDesigner 3 released
Eclipse plug-in
IntelliJ IDEA plug-in
Project manager
Java 5 support

September 2006

FormDev Software GmbH founded

October 2005

JFormDesigner 2 released
Menu designer
Auto-insert columns/rows

December 2004

JFormDesigner 1 released
JGoodies FormLayout
Advanced GridBagLayout
Column and row headers
Move columns/rows

June 2004

First beta of JFormDesigner 1 released

August 2003

Started development of JFormDesigner



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