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JFormDesigner JFormDesigner

JFormDesigner™ is a professional GUI designer for Java™ Swing user interfaces. Its outstanding support for MigLayout, JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout (Free Design), TableLayout and GridBagLayout makes it easy to create professional looking forms.

  • Stand-alone edition
    Stand-alone edition
  • Eclipse plug-in
    Eclipse plug-in
  • IntelliJ IDEA plug-in
    IntelliJ IDEA plug-in
  • NetBeans plug-in
    NetBeans plug-in
  • JDeveloper plug-in
    JDeveloper plug-in
  • Move rows or columns
    Move rows or columns
  • Localization (I18n)
    Localization (I18n)
  • macOS support
    macOS support


About Us

FormDev Software is specialized in creating software development tools for Java GUIs. By creating innovative high quality development tools, we help our customers to increase their productivity. Thousands of customers worldwide use our tools.


FlatLaf - Flat Look and Feel - is a modern open-source cross-platform Look and Feel for Java Swing desktop applications.
It comes with Light and Dark themes and scales on HiDPI displays.

  • Flat Light
    Flat Light
  • Flat Dark
    Flat Dark
  • Flat Light
    Flat Light
  • Flat Dark
    Flat Dark
  • Flat IntelliJ
    Flat IntelliJ
  • Flat Darcula
    Flat Darcula