Intermediate Builds

Intermediate builds are not official releases and has not been tested fully. They are usually provided to customers as quick fix for problems or bugs.

JFormDesigner 5.2 Beta

No intermediate build available.

JFormDesigner 5.1

IDE plug-ins Version Size Date
Eclipse 5.1.2-b148 11 MB 2014-04-11
Eclipse Archived Update Site 5.1.2-b148 11 MB 2014-04-11
NetBeans 5.1.2-b148 7 MB 2014-04-11
IntelliJ IDEA 5.1.2-b148 11 MB 2014-04-11
JBuilder 5.1.2-b148 10 MB 2014-04-11
Windows Setup 5.1.2-b148 36 MB 2014-04-11
Mac OS X 5.1.2-b148 12 MB 2014-04-11
Linux and other platforms 5.1.2-b148 11 MB 2014-04-11

JFormDesigner 5

No intermediate build available.

JFormDesigner 4

No intermediate build available.