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JFormDesigner and Eclipse Helios (3.6) compatibility

Congratulation to the Eclipse community for the recent release of Eclipse Helios (3.6).

It's great to see that Eclipse 3.6 is still API compatible to previous versions. This is not an easy task. But they did it. And we're happy about it because JFormDesigner 4.0.8 runs without any modification in Eclipse 3.6.

Even JFormDesigner 3 and 3.1 seems to run without problems, but we don't support officially Eclipse 3.6 for these old versions.

Welcome to the JFormDesigner / FormDev Blog

Hello and welcome to the JFormDesigner / FormDev blog.

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You've probably noticed it. Our website has a new style. Hope you like it. We've also migrated our website to a new modern open-source CMS, which powers this blog. It also makes it easier for us to write new and update existing content.