FlatLaf 2


  • Styling individual components using string in CSS syntax (see PR #341 and #388)
  • Typography
  • Unified backgrounds for window title bar is now enabled by default (Windows 10/11 only)
  • Support Windows 11 snap layouts menu (see #397)
  • TextField: support leading and trailing components and icons (see PR #386 and #378)
  • Reworked core themes to make it easier to create new themes (see PR #390)
  • Easier changing accent color (see PR #375)
  • CheckBox and RadioButton improvements (see PR #414)


If you're using own FlatLaf properties files, then you may be affected by some incompatible changes. See PR #390 and #414.

Change log

See https://github.com/JFormDesigner/FlatLaf/releases/tag/2.0