FlatLaf - Flat Look and Feel

In world where HiDPI displays and/or dark UIs are becoming more and more popular, a good open-source Swing Look and Feel that supports both was missing.

We're filling this gap with FlatLaf, a new open-source look and feel for Java Swing desktop applications, that scales perfectly on HiDPI displays and is available in Light and Dark themes.

FlatLaf looks almost flat (no shadows or gradients), clean, simple and elegant.

With FlatLaf you get a single look and feel (LaF) for all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). When using FlatLaf, it is no longer necessary to support multiple LaFs in your application. E.g. Windows LaF on Windows, Mac OS LaF on Mac and GTK LaF on Linux. You save a lot of time for testing and fixing your UI on multiple platforms. And your application looks good on all platforms.

The FlatLaf look is heavily inspired by Darcula and IntelliJ themes from IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2+ and uses almost the same colors and icons.


  • Light, Dark, IntelliJ and Darcula themes
  • scales on HiDPI displays
  • cross-platform
  • lightweight (under 200 KB; no dependencies)
  • minimalistic, elegant and modern
  • scalable vector icons
  • runs on Java 8 or newer

For more information and documentation visit FlatLaf Home.