JFormDesigner 5.1 Released

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of JFormDesigner 5.1, now with NetBeans plug-in, Java 7 support, GroupLayout design improvements and more.

NetBeans plug-in

Feature Highlights:

  • NetBeans plug-in
  • Java 7 support
  • JGoodies Forms 1.4 and 1.5 support
  • GroupLayout design improved
  • JFDML persistence format for .jfd form files
  • Palette improved
  • Batch convert forms
  • NetBeans 7.1 form conversion
  • and more...

See What's New in JFormDesigner 5.1 for the significant or more interesting changes.
Please have a look at the change log for a complete list of changes.

Download JFormDesigner 5.1

Customer information: JFormDesigner 5.1 is free of charge for existing customers if the "Free updates until" date of your license key is 2010-07-26 or later. Upgrades are available here.


  • Cynthia
    2012-05-02 22:01:37

    I am looking to create an applet using the TableLayout, but found that the JFormDesigner does not support javax.swing.JApplet. Is this the case or am I not using the IDE properly?

    Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

  • Karl Tauber
    2012-05-02 22:13:51

    @Cynthia: yes, JFormDesigner does not support JApplet. But this is no problem. Simply use JPanel as superclass in JFormDesigner and create the JApplet in your code.


    JApplet applet = new JApplet();
    applet.add( new MyForm() );
  • Stephen Graham
    2012-07-24 05:41:54

    It seems that JFormDesigner 5.1 does not work in Eclipse 4.2 (Juno) - all JFormDesigner screens fail with the following message.

    'Not implemented (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: apple.awt.CEmbeddedFrame)'

    Do you plan to release a fix soon?

    Also, I need to uninstall JFormDesigner from my Eclipse environment, but the 'Uninstall' button is disabled whenever I select JFormDesigner for uninstall. Is there any way other than to manually uninstall JFormDesign from Eclipse?

    Regards, Stephen.

  • Karl Tauber
    2012-07-27 18:59:44

    @Stephen: JFormDesigner works in Eclipse 4.2, except when running Eclipse in Java 7 (Developer Preview) on Mac OS X. See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=374199.

    Please run Eclipse in Apple's Java 6 to avoid this problem.

    Regarding uninstall: if you installed JFormDesigner manually, then you also have to uninstall it manually. If installed from https://download.formdev.com/jformdesigner/eclipse/, then you can uninstall it from the "Installation Details" dialog. This is normal Eclipse behavior, isn't it?

  • Maxim Golubitsky
    2012-12-18 12:50:28

    Hello, Does the IntelliJ IDEA plugin supports the version 12 of the IDE? If yes, please update the info here: http://www.formdev.com/jformdesigner/download/ If not, when do you plan to provide the support?

    Regards, Maxim