JFormDesigner 5 Release Candidate 2

We've just released JFormDesigner 5 Release Candidate 2.

Change Log:

  • Stand-alone on Mac OS X: JFormDesigner canceled Log Out and Shut Down even when there were no unsaved forms.
  • Stand-alone: Improved startup script for Unix/Linux based systems.
  • NetBeans form converter: Fixed occasional error when converting NetBeans 6.9+ forms.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Please give it a try, download it and report bugs. Thanks.

Customer information: JFormDesigner 5 is free of charge for existing customers if the "Free updates until" date of the license key is 2010-01-01 or later.


  • Jeff
    2011-03-08 20:14:00

    I'm new to JFormDesigner ( Release 5, candidate 2) working with a 20-day evaluation license and am comparing it to the NetBeans IDE on a more challenging task than normal.

    How can I bind a JTableHeader columnName to a JTextField text so that the column names can be updated either manually by the user or programmatically during run-time?

    So far I've not been able to find the answer.