PaletteThe component palette provides quick access to commonly used Swing components (JavaBeans) available for adding to forms. The palette contains all standard Swing components and some JGoodies components. The components are organized in categories. You can add own categories and custom beans to the palette.

Palette customization

The component palette is fully customizable. Right-click on the palette to add, edit, remove or reorder components and categories. Or use the Palette Manager dialog.

Palette popup menu

Comfortable bean chooser dialog

Choose Bean dialogThe Choose Bean dialog allows you to search for classes in the classpath, history and palette. You can also specify whether a bean is a container or not and add the chosen bean to the palette.

The "JARs" tab allows you to select classes that are marked as JavaBean in the JAR's manifest. The provider of the component JAR can mark some classes as JavaBean in the manifest file. Popular 3rd party component libraries like MiG Calendar or JIDE components use this to make it easier to find the few classes, which can be used in GUI builders, in libraries that contain hundreds of classes.

Flexible and customizable display

Palette multi-columnThe palette displays multiple items per row if there is enough room. The option "Item Names" in the context menu allows you to show/hide item names.