Change Log of JFormDesigner 1


  • Ported to Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: Component variable modifier "final" disabled because it would lead to compiler errors.
  • Fixed: Flag "Container blocks" in Java Code Generator Preferences will now saved.


  • Fixed: Update Preferences dialog and internal states correctly after importing preferences.


  • Fixed generation of Java code for bevelType of BevelBorder.
  • Removed option EXIT_ON_CLOSE from property JDialog.defaultCloseOperation.
  • config/persistenceDelegates.conf: fixed wrong example.
  • Fixed appearance of Ocean theme (Java 5).
  • Fixed generation of Java code for alpha value of Color property values.
  • Better support of dark color themes.
  • Improved error message of mnemonic property editor.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.


  • Improved BorderLayout support when containing small sized children.
  • java.beans.Beans.isDesignTime() returns now always true. Previously, it returned false on "Test Form" command.
  • Fixed wrong XML encoding when saving a form, which uses "(no border)" (was introduced in 1.0.1).
  • Fixed some minor look and feel paint problems.


  • Non-Commercial license.
  • FormLayout: Columns/rows with size "default" now shrink in the design view if space is scare.
  • GridBagLayout: Fixed wrong calculation of grid x/y when removing or moving first column/row.
  • java.beans.Beans.isDesignTime() returns now true.
  • Palette now disabled if no form opened.
  • Minor bugs fixed.


  • Added property editors for java.lang.Byte, java.lang.Double, java.lang.Float, java.lang.Integer, java.lang.Long, java.lang.Short, java.math.BigDecimal and java.math.BigInteger.
  • Added support for Quest's JClass Field beans.
  • Added class FormSaver to runtime library jfd-loader.jar. This class can be used to convert a proprietary form specification to a JFormDesigner .jfd file.
  • Added support to specify own persistence delegates for custom classes in property values. See config/persistenceDelegates.conf for details.
  • Fixed persistence problems regarding custom classes in property values.
  • Fixed problem in jfd-loader.jar regarding SimpleInternalFrame not showing title.
  • Fixed memory leak: Memory of form not freed after closing form.


  • Initial release.