Bindings View

The Bindings view displays and lets you edit all bindings of the form. The bindings and binding groups are shown in the order they will be bound.

This view is not visible by default. It appears at the bottom of the main window when you click the Show Bindings View button (Show Bindings View) in the toolbar.

Bindings View

The icon between the source and the target columns indicate the update strategy used by the binding:

read-write Always sync (read-write)
read-only Only read from source (read-only)
read-once Read once from source (read-once)
Toolbar and context menu commands
Add Add Create a new binding.
Add Group Add Group Create a new binding group.
Remove Remove Remove the selected bindings.
Properties Properties Displays the properties of the selected binding in the Binding dialog.
Move Up Move Up Move the selected bindings up.
Move Down Move Down Move the selected bindings down.
Link with Designer Link with Designer Links the bindings selection to the active designer.
Close Close Closes the Bindings view.

Double-click on a binding item to see its details in the Binding dialog.