JTabbedPane is a container component that lets the user switch between pages by clicking on a tab.

After adding a JTabbedPane to your form, it looks like this one:

empty JTabbedPane

To add pages, select an appropriate component (e.g. JPanel) in the palette, move the cursor over the tabs area of the JTabbedPane and click to add it.

Add first page   Add 2nd page

You can see only the components of the active tab. Click on a tab to switch to another page. To change a tab title, double-click on a tab to in-place-edit it. You can edit other tab properties (tool tip text, icon, ...) in the Properties view. Select a page component (e.g. JPanel) to see its tab properties.

JTabbedPane properties

To change the tab order, select a page component (e.g. JPanel) and drag it over the tabs to a new place. You can also drag and drop page components in the Structure view to change its order.

Change tab order

Use an empty border to separate the page contents from the JTabbedPane border. If you are using MigLayout, it's recommended to use Layout Insets. For JGoodies Forms use border TABBED_DIALOG. Otherwise, use an EmptyBorder.

Tab without border   Tab with border