Error Log View

This view appears at the bottom of the main window if an exception is throw by a bean. You can see which bean causes the problem and the stack trace of the exception. This makes it much easier to solve problems when using your own (or 3rd party) beans.

Error Log View

Toolbar commands
Copy Log Copy Log Copies all log records to the clipboard.
Clear Log Clear Log Clears the log.
Properties Properties Displays the properties of the selected log record in a dialog (see below).
Close Close Closes the Error Log view.

Double-click on a log entry to see its details:

Error Log Dialog

How to fix errors

This mainly depends on the error. The problem shown in the above screenshots is easy to fix by setting resizeWeight to a value between 0 and 1.

If the problem occurs in your own beans, use the stack trace to locate the problem and fix it in your bean's source code. After compiling your bean, click the Refresh Designer button (Refresh Designer) in the designer toolbar to reload your bean.

If you are using 3rd party beans, it is possible that you need to add additional libraries to the classpath. You should be able to identify such a problem on the kind of exception. In this case, add the needed libraries to the JFormDesigner classpath of the current Project, and refresh the Design view.